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We delivers cakes to all major cities in India same day. We deliver flowers, cakes and gifts to India 365 days. We have a wide network of florist all over India. A reliable flower service in India. Send flowers to India now. We are the premier Online Florist in India with the Largest Flowers Delivery Network in India. You may send Flowers, Cakes, Chocolates, Sweets & more Gifts to India at over 150 Locations in India. Flowers, Cakes & Sweets to India can be sent with Express Delivery facility. Sending Flowers & Gifts to India is now a mouse click away. Act now - Send Flowers & Gifts to India today. Send flowers to India now, don't wait.

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A Bunch of 12 white Roses
Code:- 68

A Bunch of 12 white Roses

Rs. 499.00
US$ 9.07

1/2 kg Chocolate cake
Code :- 48

1/2 kg Chocolate cake

Rs. 499.00
US$ 8.60

1/2 kg pine apple cake
Code:- 46

1/2 kg pine apple cake

Rs. 499.00
US$ 8.60

Basket arangement of 12 Gerberas
Code:- 29

Basket arangement of 12 Gerberas

Rs. 429.00
US$ 7.80

A Bunch of 12 Red Roses
Code :- 69

A Bunch of 12 Red Roses

Rs. 399.00
US$ 6.88


Cake is a very popular sweet dessert all across India. You can't imagine a birthday or anniversary party without a cake. In its ancient forms, cakes were modifications of breads but now days cover a broad range of preparations that can be simple or elegant and share feature with different dessert such as pastries, custards and pies. Traditionally cake ingredients are flour, sugar, eggs and butter/oil and yeast or baking powder. We can add some additional flavouring like dried or fresh fruits, nuts and cocoa to enhance its flavour. You can use your imagination and creativity to create unique cake designs. In recent years 3D cakes, Cheese cakes, Photo cakes and Fondant cake are also very popular among youngsters. You can transfer any photo on cake. Its very useful for corporate branding also. Cake is usually served as a celebratory dish on different occasion like, Birthdays, Anniversaries, wedding, promotions, retirements etc.

In early days no one even imagine that this delicate creamy cake can be send to different cities. Thanks to the revolution called internet which is make communication so simple that now the cake delivery is only a mouse click away. There are different bakery who have joined hand together and providing cake delivery services all across the world. Cakedeliveryindia.com is a platform where user can order there favourite flavour cake to different cities in India. You can be a part of any celebration by sending a cake. We are delivering thousands of cakes all across India daily. While ordering in any online websites, please keep in mind that the look and decoration may be differ from the picture listed in the website. Because cake is a perishable product and its sources locally. In every city the baker have their own designs and garnishing according to their local demand. The basic ingredient and flavour will be the same.