Refund Policy

our satisfaction is guaranteed here. The utmost care and attention is given to your order to ensure your delivery perfectly. In dealing with highly perishable products, if in case anything goes wrong, you bring up a concern or complaint, we will always listen and resolve the issue as quick as possible. Our customer service staff are trained to respond to concerns and can decide on an appropriate course of action for you on the spot.

» If the order is canceled by the customer 1 day before the delivery date, customer will get a full refund.

» If there is any complain regarding the quality of the product being delivered, we will inquire about the same and if it is found to be true the customer will get a full refund or the product will be replaced.

» For any complains regarding quality and service please write to us at with your order no. and delivery date.

» Refunds will be given at the discretion of the Company Management.